About JiritsuCom, Inc.

Our mission:

Quest for better hearing and communication of the hearing-impaired

Since the founding of the business in 1990, we have been worked for supporting the people with hearing difficulties. We developed the first electric pen communication device “ECOT” for the hearing-impaired in 1995. Connecting two “ECOT” over the telephone lines, people could converse by exchanging handwritten message instead of speaking verbally. We started to import and distribute the best notification systems and assistive listening devices for the hearing-impaired from all over the world in 1997. And we are proud of having been the first organization in Japan who served Telecommunication Relay Service for the deaf from 2000 till 2004.

We aim to offer the best products to improve the quality of life for the hearing-impaired, all combined with a service which is second to none.

JiritsuCom, Inc.
Kent Aoki

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